We serve a broad range of clients, in the fields of Business & Management (or anything related to corporation and their business operations in various industries), Academic (we regularly help reputable campuses in Indonesia translate their professors and students’ journals and proposals for international publication) and Creative (comic script, advertising, poetry, company profile, animation, and the likes).

We provide translation in a number of languages: Indonesian, English, Javanese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, German, French, Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic.


Since 2012, Pruf Ritz’s communicative interpreters have been working with high profile clients in local, regional and international interpretation events. We also help interpretation events at seminar, workshop, site visit, meeting, exhibition and on-stage event. We pick skillful and suitable interpreters based on their competency and capacities.

Contact us for your next events. Our interpreters can do consecutive, simultaneous, whispering and shadowing modes in various languages: Indonesian, English, Javanese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, and Arabic. Be it in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, Bali, or even abroad, we’ll do our best to help you.

Copy Writing

Writing is a unique and powerful skill. Especially if you want to sell or promote something by that skill.

Don’t worry. Our creative team is happy to help you. Whether it’s a company profile, website content, press release, advertising script, sales page or a simple brochure, you can trust us for that task.


Other than translation, you can also request document editing services from us. Yes! We are happy to help you polish your work if you’re not sure whether they are eloquently written, grammatically correct, or effectively communicated.

Since 2015, Pruf Ritz has been helping reputable campuses in Indonesia in their journal publication editing process, ensuring their academic researches and works meet the publication criteria. Some Indonesian scholars also managed to get international scholarships from campuses such as ANU (Australia National University) and Rotterdam University after editing their thesis proposal at Pruf Ritz.


No time for translating that text on your favorite movie? Or need help in editing your TVC or corporate promotional video?

We understand such tasks can be daunting.
We’re here to help.

Language Consultancy

For everything else related to effective language use in specific situations, for business, academic and creative purposes, feel free to talk to us.

Who We Are.

Pruf Ritz is here to help you present your ideas

The unique name ‘Pruf Ritz’ was originally inspired by the English term ‘proofread’. The term was then modified creatively for an Indonesian flavor by the Founder and became Pruf Ritz. It was used to capture the elegance – we expect our work to be beautifully done. Pioneered in January 2010 in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia),

Pruf Ritz currently has team members working collaboratively on remote working system in a number of cities in Indonesia, among others are Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Semarang. We serve both B2C and B2B sectors, ranging from individual professionals, SMEs and startups, governmental institutions and corporations.


We are very transparent about our business’ capacity and quality as well as services. Your documents and projects’ details are on the right hands and handled safely.


We would briefly check your document prior to working on them, ensuring our team understand what you actually need. We check whether or not there is misfit and other irrelevant details. We consult latest word entry in reputable dictionaries, plus expert linguists, if necessary.


Sometimes, a sentence in the original document we are working on just doesn’t sound right or illogical. We would refer it back to you and get clarification on that.


Many people claim they can translate. But what about the language style? Is it impressive? Is it effective? We work with experienced copy writers as well, ensuring you get this aspect of aesthetics for your language & communication needs.


Our quality control system is ready to re-assess the projects you entrust us. We offer revision guarantee post-project, free of charge.


Did you know? Pruf Ritz regularly donates a significant portion of our profit for various social and humanitarian causes. Driven by compassion, we donate money, food and clothes for those in need. And, hey, we donate for animal rescue activities as well. Giving is hip! 🙂

Partners & Clients;Friends

Our awesome clients are Awesome!

Pruf Ritz has been helping individuals, organizations, institutions and companies–locally, nationally & internationally–spread their brilliant ideas and connect them with people and broader audience for their personal & business’ successes. Many clients have come and keep contacting us as they find our services helpful, reliable, trustworthy and–more than that–sincerely fun. 🙂

Appreciation towards relationships is part of Pruf Ritz’s culture. We respect and treasure our team members, clients, vendors and referrals. Rarely–if at all–will you find useless jargon and mere lip service in interacting with us. We build connection with you wholeheartedly.

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