Why Choose Pruf Ritz?

We are not just another language agency. We help you craft your brilliant ideas and manifest them into awesomeness.

Who are we?

Pruf Ritz aims to meet customers’ needs in the field of language and communication. We are here to help you present your ideas and concepts by prioritizing logic, fluency, appropriateness and beauty, thus bridging the communication barriers and connecting you with the right and broader audience.

Other than serving customers, Pruf Ritz wants to educate and raise people’s awareness on the importance of concise language and effective communication and its proper use in everyday’s life.

About Pruf Ritz

Pruf Ritz provides high quality translation, interpreting, proof reading, editing, rewriting, transcribing and language consultancy services conveniently located in Surabaya, Indonesia. Honesty, validity, logic and aesthetics are among our core principles.
Before being processed, your material would be checked and some research might be necessary to assist with the process. We work with native and non-native professionals who speak in Indonesian, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Thai, Vietnam, Dutch, German, Croatian, and other languages.
We look forward to serving you,

Pruf Ritz History

2008 - 2011

Founder is actively working freelance as translator & editor, assisting a significant number of students of English Dept to present their undergraduate theses as well as helping professors translate their research proposals, journals, etc


The name Pruf Ritz comes as the idea of founding a start-up which serves and educates people on the importance of concise and effective communication to help them reach their personal & professional goals.


Pruf Ritz starts recruiting  team members.


Pruf Ritz gets its first international project, working with JICA Predict Team and ITS Surabaya to translate ITS Research Catalog 2012 to be published in Japan. Also in this year, we have our official logo.


Pruf Ritz works with more national and international clients


Pruf Ritz launches its website (www.prufritz.com) and blog at weebly


Pruf Ritz takes quite massive internal transformation in terms of recruitment, payment system, operational etc. Also this year, we build our community base, in Surabaya and Jakarta, starting from WhatsApp forum discussion (in March) and then moving to bigger platform, Telegram (October). We have Language Q & A, #PrufRitz_AMA and periodical sponsored quizzes.


Pruf Ritz is getting ready to creating in-house system and more well-structured SOP for our services and community programs.

Our Awesome Team

Alfawzia Nurrahmi

Founder & CEO

Alfa founded Pruf Ritz in 2010; an epiphany she got after chit-chatting with her sister, Lia, and her buddy, Randy. She loves meeting and talking with various types of people–hence she’s called “The Connector.” Other than growing Pruf Ritz, she writes for various genres and publications in Indonesian and English. She occasionally teaches and gets invited to speak and give workshop at campuses, too. Primarily based in Surabaya, she travels periodically to various cities in Indonesia–and plans to travel the world, too. She loves her family, friends, and–obviously–Pruf Ritz’s big family.

“Every magic begins in the mind.”

DiOryza Intan

Project Manager

DiOryza joined Pruf Ritz in 2011 as team member #2. She loves seeing the beauty in everything, putting things in place and keeping them well organized. She finds leisure when being on her own, either by working, reading books and magazines, playing games, coloring, making origami, or just chilling in bed. She is based in Magetan and traveling regularly to Surabaya.

“Never regret your enthusiasm.”

Sheila Amalia

Assistant Project Manager

Sheila joined Pruf Ritz in 2017 after reading about the team and services on LinkedIn. She is eager to explore more about the working culture, vision and mission at Pruf Ritz, which she finds “uniquely impressive.”

“Most language agencies focus only on selling their services. Pruf Ritz is different. They regularly share insights on language and entrepreneurship and many fun programs with their audience and community.”

She lives with her husband in Jogja, and periodically travels to Surabaya.

Lely Aprilia

Team Assistant

Lely enjoys doing works related to creativity and art. Baking cookies, decorating Pruf Ritz’s bazaar booth and wrapping beautiful gift for our quiz winners are just some of them.

“Helping people is my way to receive more blessings in life. I believe that good deeds will create more good things, for me, and for everyone else.”

Randy Ismail

Team Asisstant

Randy has been working with Alfa since 2009, after they became good friends in 2007–thanks to Friendster. Other than contributing for Pruf Ritz’s creative projects particularly in IT and gaming industry, he’s also been helpful in taking our team here and there with his driving skills.

“I love coffee.”

Nyiur Yawati

PR & Marketing

Nyiur joined Pruf Ritz in 2017. She is eager to learn and experience many new things. Pruf Ritz piqued her interest as she has always wanted to be a great writer and explore more opportunities. She lives in Bekasi with her husband and very active son.

“PR is RP. Pruf Ritz (PR) is Reliable Partner (RP). It is my simple way to describe Pruf Ritz’s professionalism. I’ve witnessed the presence of solid team, dedication to details and lovely service here. I know, Pruf Ritz was born with great passion. The CEO and Founder, Alfa, has crafted it beautifully. Being part of her team is a great opportunity. It leverages my professional as well as my personal growth.”

Fachrul A. Rahman

Social Media Strategist

Fachrul lives in Surabaya with his wife. He is interested in language, business, technology, and arts. He started joining Pruf Ritz in 2017, after helping the team design Pruf Ritz’s very first business card.

“Here I am because I love Pruf Ritz’s remote working system and its dedication towards excellence in its language services.”

Our Happy Clients, among others:

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