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There is something about humans, language and the way we communicate…

“The Plaza Semanggi” or “The Semanggi Plaza”?

In Indonesian, it should be “Plaza Semanggi”, or “The Semanggi Plaza” in English. This linguistics case reminds us of the

The obvious difference between the communication style of man & woman

The obvious difference between the communication style of man & woman: A woman texting apartment owner (man): “Hey, sorry for texting you

Testimonial Layanan Terjemahan Pruf Ritz

“Saya selalu mendapatkan layanan yang baik dari Pruf Ritz, baik penerjemahan dan penjurubahasaan. Penyerahan hasil dan kualitasnya selalu memenuhi

Kindness: An Important Element in Growing a Business

Everytime Pruf Ritz gets contacted by new client, we would ask how they got to find or know us, was it from our website, blog, social media

The Art of Expressing Thank You

Make Your Life Better by Saying Thank You in These 7 Situations by James Clear Read this on I don’t say “Thank You” as often

Core Desires & Authenticity VS “Credentials, Competition & Endless Hustle, hustle, hustle”

As the founder, owner and director of Pruf Ritz Communications Hub, my own startup,, I’ve read,

Pruf Ritz: Bikinan Indonesia, Cita Rasa Dunia

Hai, Teman-teman. 🙂 Apakah Anda… Pruf Ritz Communications Hub is here to help you! 🙂 Perkenalkan. Kami layanan bahasa & komunikasi

Happy New Year 2017: A Reflection on 2016

Hi there, Happy New Year! 🙂 I know, I know. It sounds quite funny to wish you a “Happy New Year” when it’s nearly the end of

Pentingnya Komunikasi Cerdas Memasuki Datangnya Era Unik

Pernahkah Anda sejenak merenungkan… Mengapa makin banyak terlihat orang asing di Indonesia? Rasa-rasanya, di situ ada bule, di sana banyak