Core Desires & Authenticity VS “Credentials, Competition & Endless Hustle, hustle, hustle”

As the founder, owner and director of Pruf Ritz Communications Hub, my own startup,, I’ve read, watched and listened to a huge number of entrepreneurial tips and tricks, hacks and stuff. However, along the way, as I started to see and experience more and gained deeper understanding, I have felt the inner call to do something different. Somehow the so many entrepreneurial tips and strategies feel so overwhelming, empty, and just… off-balance… and instead of adding values to my professional and personal lives, they distract me from what I truly am after. And the vision, mission and purposes of why I started what I started.

I’ve been wondering on ways to provide values, be “of service” while at the same time feeling personally fulfilled and not intimidated by mere formal “credentials”, jargon (I’m so not into typical, boring and meaningless jargon…), fierce and unhealthy competition, and endless and empty “Hustle, hustle, hustle” mentality.

I found the answer when I learned more deeply about Danielle LaPorte and her amazing works. This interview is such an eye-opener. A game changer. This is the time when work creates a sense of meaning and joy in our life. Humanity is restored. And, entrepreneurs are among the human species that need it the most. Please watch it, too. 🙂

Danielle LaPorte: Living with Desire

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