Happy New Year 2017: A Reflection on 2016

Hi there,
Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚
I know, I know. It sounds quite funny to wish you a “Happy New Year” when it’s nearly the end of January. But, I’d say it again anyway:

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great year in 2016, and became the better version of you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, what lessons did you take in 2016? And what are your goals, dreams and hopes in 2017?
If there’s one word to describe Pruf Ritz’s journey in 2016, that is this word:


Yep. We did a lot of things in 2016. First and foremost, it’s the year that marked my seriousness level in business. Was I not being serious before? I had always been serious in creating, nurturing and growing Pruf Ritz. It’s random fears that actually always held me back. And in 2016, I took a pledge on transforming my life into a more organized, structured, planned, and I challenged myself to grow, both on personal and professional levels.

As I have written on my earlier posts, 2015 was the year when I took lessons the hard way out of my cluelessness in running a business in general, and understanding the nature of work and constellation of ‘society’ in Translation industry, particularly in Indonesia. I had to swallow bitter pills, went through a quite serious phase of depression and my physical health was seriously impacted that year. But it was the year that also taught me the courage to delegate more, to stand up on my own feet, to believe in myself, and in God. I joined a local entrepreneurship community in Surabaya, made some really good friends with broader insights on business (and also life!), and I made up my mind about so many things.

In early 2016, I completed filling up 3/4 of my 2016 Workbook I bought from Leonie Dawson, a famous womanpreneur based in Aussie. It’s kind of a diary with lovely drawings and colors providing you with tools to explore your potentials by asking you deep questions and encouraging you to create a dream or vision board. It does work magic. At least for me, as I believe that magic begins with clarity in mind, and the vulnerability to look at what’s already inside us. Apart from my personal life, professional life section which is called “Biz” part really did help me convince myself where I was going with Pruf Ritz. I recalled that night, while playing She and Him and Yuna’s songs from my laptop, I drew a shining star on a paper, and Pruf Ritz logo. And I wrote the plans on what I was going to manifest through this business entity, in January 2016, February, March and so on, until December.

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Little did I know that in 2016, Pruf Ritz grew a lot bigger–as seen through my perspective. The plans I crafted propelled me to do so many things I used to ignore or probably unconsciously kept postponing out of fears. I actually implemented tips on networking on LinkedIn written by Neil Patel. I wrote quite a lot of stuff on LinkedIn Pulse, which actually garnered attention and broadened my network, nationally and internationally. I reached out to good friends and actually asked them to recommend Pruf Ritz to their friends and networks–and many of them were more than happy to help. I opened new recruitment on Facebook and LinkedIn to find an assistant for my long-time sweet and loyal Project Manager, Dioryza–and there on LinkedIn, a sweet, polite girl named Nadia contacted me and told me my posts piqued her interest and she asked if she could join. After giving her some tests, it turned out that she actually is a good translator. At her age (early 20s), I believe she can grow a lot better. I also noticed her sincere and loyal vibes, so I happily welcomed her. Not just me. We all at Pruf Ritz are happy to welcome Nadia as our Assistant Project Manager (especially Dio! Now she can feel more relief, not having to respond to all of our clients, haha), and Nadia is happy as well to have found us. ๐Ÿ™‚

I also spent weeks reading articles and journals on how to build and nurture raving fans, how to create brand awareness and build authority, serve customers and inspire tribes, and whatnot. I read countless articles and watched YouTube videos for this. All emphasize the importance of providing values, first and foremost, generously.

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So, inspired by an intuitive call, I created a forum discussion on WhatsApp, named “Pruf Ritz: Language Q & A” on March 1st 2016. It was initially created to facilitate language discussion as I felt overwhelmed by random questions I receive on randomly basis on grammars, diction, translation, etc. The number of the members grew and grew, and then the warm vibes in it encouraged us to hold an actual meetup. The meetup was 1st held in Surabaya in April at Tunjungan Plaza, and as the group attracted more members even from many other cities in Indonesia (and especially from startup founders community based in Jakarta), we even held a meetup in Bogor (Kedai Air Mantjoer) and Jakarta (Senayan Plaza). Isn’t that cool? ๐Ÿ˜€

We collaborated with many parties from many backgrounds. More ideas were born. More enthusiasm. More excitement. More power. More strength. More loves.

And then… Along with all of those brave steps taken… slowly but sure… Pruf Ritz started to grow… and we grew a lot faster compared to our growth rate during the period of 2012-2015. In Indonesia, a business is categorized as micro business (around $25,000/year revenue), small-sized business ($25,000 -$190,000/year revenue) and medium-sized (more than $190,000/year revenue). In 2015, I made a rough calculation and figured out that Pruf Ritz’ omzet was around $23,000/year, averagely making $1900/month. In 2016, Pruf Ritz started to move past that income level. In June 2016, we reached $6000 revenue (around Rp75,000,000)–yes, it went up and down and sometimes quite drastically–and, to be honest, scarily; we sometimes ‘only’ received $2000-2500 or around Rp25,000,000-35,000,000/month. But here’s the thing with reaching your set goal: Once you hit certain number that you actually intend to manifest, you know that the chance is there. You are sure that Opportunities are everywhere. And you CAN actually manifest your goals. It’s only a matter of being clearer with your intentions, more focused, execute your well-planned plans, and the marriage between time and place to make it a “dream comes true.”
Prior to the end of 2016, though, I learned that sometimes we need to let go of something to grow and do better things. I closed

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Pruf Ritz WhatsApp group and moved it to Telegram. I cancelled a long-term collaboration plan with someone I used to dearly love and respect. I realized that Pruf Ritz and I are not meant to serve “everyone.” Our strength does not come from mere popularity or the number of likes and friends we have.
It’s from clarity.
Quality over Quantity.

With the advice from our internal team members and some close friends I trust, I took decisions.
We closely looked at our core vision, mission and values. We discussed the important things to take, to maintain, and to let go. We dealt with difficult people. People who assumed and out of insecurities, judged and attacked us–both subtly, or blatantly. We discussed about Characters. Ethics. Dreams. Purposes. And Goals. We talked about human nature. What’s important, what’s not. What’s long-lasting, what’s trivial and distracting.

I appreciate all the things shared during those times. It was sweet. exciting and empowering. But I also let go of the things that no longer serves us anymore. Now I am way more enlightened. And I decide to lead my business, and our team, more wisely.
Thanks for staying in touch with all kinds of Pruf Ritz’ updates.
Thanks for trusting us.

And, above all, thanks for being the awesome you. Yes, you. All of you who still believe in the power of good intention, sincerity, patience and passionate dedication.

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