Kindness: An Important Element in Growing a Business

Everytime Pruf Ritz gets contacted by new client, we would ask how they got to find or know us, was it from our website, blog, social media exposure, or if someone recommended us to them…

We find this important. We keep the referrals’ names on our list. We schedule when to return the favor… Doesn’t have to be grandeur. We say hi and express our gratitude. Sometimes when we are free from work and a bunch of meticulous tasks, we send them handwritten postcards, or some interesting digital products they might find useful as well… When our budget is enough, we send them something lovely, like cakes, chocolates, souvenirs and stuff… Or we recommend them to our colleagues and friends as well, depending on their expertise.

We remember kindness. We remember that friendship, gratitude and humility matter.
It’s not titles, followers, degrees and experience.

Every good act starts with kindness.

What kind of kindnesses did you do today?

Share with us here. 🙂

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