“The Plaza Semanggi” or “The Semanggi Plaza”?

In Indonesian, it should be “Plaza Semanggi”, or “The
Semanggi Plaza” in English.

This linguistics case reminds us of the fallacy in the
use of “BCA” for Bank Central Asia, which should’ve
been “Asian Central Bank” (ACB) or “Central Asian Bank”
(CAB) in English…or Bank Sentral Asia (BSA) in bahasa
Indonesia… and “Jawa Pos”, which ideally should’ve
been “Pos Jawa” in Indonesian, or The Java Post in

However, since we are talking about “brand”, we might
not win in the linguistics debate, ‘cos even the
silliest or falsest names in terms of semantic,
syntactic, phonetic or whatever aspects can then be
justified for the sake of being “trademark-ly

Do you ever know the same case? Tell us, please.

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